Surface Treatment: AR / AG / AF


0.99" ~21.5"

  • ✦:
    1. AR is anti-reflection, by coating, to reduce the reflection on CG surface and therefore increase TFT brightness.
    2. AG is anti-glare, by etching, to make CG surface matt and scatter lights.
    3. AF is anti-fingerprint, by coating, to expand the contact angle that keeps fingerprint from staying on the surface
  • ▲:
    1. Scratch on AR coating may cause failure.
    2. Matt effect of AG treatment could downgrade the sharpness of TFT display.
    3. Due to AF coating’s attribute, it's hard to adhere housing on it by glues or tapes.
  • Wearable device/ Parking system/ Outdoor
  • Surface Treatment: AR / AG / AF
  • Surface Treatment: AR / AG / AF