Anti-Bacterial for Medical


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Reflection% 380~780nm <5%
Transmittance% 380~780nm >88%
Sterilization Rate after Abrasion/ Acid Alkali Test Dust-free Cloth w/ Detergent 1000g / 2000cycles 99%
Acid 1N Soak 24hrs (PH0) 99%
Alkali 0.01N Soak 24hrs (PH12) 99%
Pencil Hardness 765g 8H

Following ISO22196/ JIS Z2801 test regulation, put same numbers of bacteria on coated glass and non-coated glass for 24 hours (Staphylococcus aurous, Escherichia coli), then comparing the numbers of bacteria again. Sterilization Rate 99% is verified.

By adding Nano-silver material into SiO2 for coating process, it helps to break the bacterial cell wall so as to destroy the bacteria.