Rice Contract Farming in Hualien


In order to promote economy in the past of Taiwan, people advocate "Living Room is Factory" policy.

Due to the agricultural land is cheaper than the others; many businessmen built the factory on the field, turned out the farms, factories and the houses were all in one area. Besides, the industrial wastes caused serious pollution, endangering the food safety in Taiwan.

The President, Mr. Chiu-Fang Yeh was born in agricultural society in Miaoli, Taiwan. He is deeply under influence with this phenomenon.

As matter of the fact, the self-sufficiency ratio is less than 30 percent, mostly people are rely on import food. One of the reason is the government will give the subsidy to the farmer when the field fallow. Therefore, the farmer will get the money even they do not work. On the other side, most farmers are aging and the young people move to the city for a job. When these old farmer could not work anymore, they sell the field for living. There will be less agricultural field for the consequence.


United Radiant Technology Corporation operates in LCD, LCM, and Touch Panel display industry. After end of the finance losing for 16 years, we serve the corporate social responsibility. We devote to the environmental protection and feedback to our society and the vulnerable groups. With the power of our corporation, we dedicate to our country sincerely.

Date, Area and Implementation

Our company desire to improve Taiwan rice industry and serve for the corporate social responsibility. In the same time, we are looking for the safety and excellent quality rice. We entrust the Taiwan Rice Farmer Limited company to recommend a farmer Wun-Huang Li, to responsible for farming by contract. On September 12th, 2016, we signed a contract for 2 fields. (Each field is 0.5 hectare, total is 1 hectare)


People join "My One Acre Farm" on the website platform to sponsor the farmer by contract. This platform has been operated for about 5 years, there are 38 rice farmers in 8 county and more than 220 companies and 650 families join this activity to support the rice farm. Until now, there are more than 8 thousand employees visit the farm and sell over than two hundred thousand cartons of rice. Thanks to all of the people from different companies and families are in love with Taiwan rice. The total of the revenue is more than 1 hundred million NTD. The most exciting thing is that it increases the benefit for the farmers and also the area of the farm land. Moreover, it attracts more people to invest about 15 million NTD and young people back to their country to dedicate to the rice agriculture.