Environmental & Occupation Safety and Health

Environmental and Occupation Safety and Health

Follow ISO 14001 Environmental management system and ISO 45001 Occupation, Safety and Health management system, to setup company policy and manual. Working with environmental protection, reduce energy use, carbon use and waste pollutions, ensure a safety working environment for all employee. Systematically running and management this system and keep for continue improvement.

Environment, Safety and Health policy
  • Preventing pollution and complying with regulations
  • Preventing occupational hazards and establishing a safe workplace
  • Promoting occupational health and safety counseling and participation
  • Fulfilling responsibilities and continuous improvement

Protection of working environment and employee
  • URT have running ISO 45001 system which fully consider of all working environment of all department . We check all possible risky periodically , and provide preventive action including training for that.
  • For different kind of process and working place, we identified necessary protection requirement and training to protect our employee, such like a cleaning process which need exhaust fan, mask , and gloves.
  • For chemical operation working place, we have measured the working environment for acetone, methyl alcohol, CO2…etc. , and the measured result data were public to all employee.
  • Practice for evacuation periodically , such like simulation of fire , work with local police and fire department.
  • Evaluation new machine and new mechanical material before used, put the risky consideration and protection method into the SOP.
  • Provide employee health examination , and in-house registered nurse plan for health course and provide health consultant .
2023 Corporate Health Responsibility
To provide a friendly workplace that reduces conflicts between work and parenting for employees

To integrate internal and external resources and host a variety of healthy activities
  • To enhance colleagues' knowledge in health by various seminars with professional specialists
  • To fulfill the spirit of benevolence and contribute back to society by regularly hosting blood donation events
  • To foster team spirit among employees through engaging competitive events and providing ample motivation

                    Badminton tournament                                              Bowling tournament

                                                           Blood Donation Event

                                                                  Yoga Classes

                                                                  Health Lecture

Fat Loss and Weight Reduction Competition                 Health quiz with Prizes