Environmental Concerned Substance (RoHS, REACH, others)

Environment Concerned Substance Management (RoHS, REACH, Others)

URT always focus on international care hazardous substance or material, monitoring and following the trend, and we promise our customer that we manage and control from material to finish product which fulfill international regulation, such like RoHS, REACH, WEEE, and also follow customer specified requirements.

  • (1). Design:
    From the beginning of a product design, we manage and control the material to fulfill the requirement from supplier.

    (2). Purchasing:
    Clear requirements of RoHS, REACH which description on the purchasing agreement, contract and order with supplier.

    (3). Material receiving:
    Confirm the material to meet the RoHS, REACH requirements when material are receiving by URT.

2. Control all qualified material with computer database , only qualified material can be purchased and produced.

3. For materials which can be used but have been monitored, URT encourage our supplier to change those material in advance.
  • Such like halogens-free, and not use of PFOS, PFOA, PAHs, HFC.
  • Most of our material already changed to halogens-free material, such like FPC, electronic component.
4. Control of RoHS, REACH, and other environment concerning substances.

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