Taiwan Headquarter

NO.12, Chien Kuo Rd., Taichung Export Processing Zone, Tanzi, Taichung, Taiwan

Business philosophy

URT has been committed to both quality certification and environmental protection since its establishment, continuously promoting and advancing in these areas. This business philosophy has made URT highly competitive in the market. We hope that professional talents with development potential can also join the excellent team of URT, and work together to create a better future.

Company Benefits
  • 光聯員工福利Food: Employee meals and restaurant facilities.
  • 光聯員工福利Clothing: Employee group uniforms and work uniforms.
  • 光聯員工福利Housing: Dormitories for foreign colleagues and housing for local employees.
  • 光聯員工福利Transportation: Motorcycle parking spaces for employees and company-allocated parking spaces for executives.
  • 光聯員工福利Education: Pre-job training, in-service internal and external education and training, management training for executives, and an employee library.
  • 光聯員工福利Recreation: Regular outings, barbecues, cycling or indoor group activities, and annual domestic and international trips in the spring.
  • 光聯員工福利Bonuses: Holiday bonuses (Spring Festival, May Day, Dragon Boat Festival, and Mid-Autumn Festival), birthday coupons, and cash compensation for unused vacation days.
  • 光聯員工福利Incentives: Performance bonuses, Mid-Autumn Festival bonuses, year-end bonuses, excellent proposal bonuses, 6S competition bonuses, and patent invention bonuses.
  • 光聯員工福利Subsidies: Maternity, sickness, hospitalization, wedding/funeral, travel subsidies, and full education and training allowances.
  • 光聯員工福利Leave: Special leave, menstrual leave, prenatal check-up leave, paternity leave, family care leave, and ethical leave.
  • 光聯員工福利Health: Facilities for breastfeeding, employee fitness centers, and free employee health checks.
  • 光聯員工福利Development: Each year, the Personnel Review Committee evaluates and promotes outstanding employees.
  • 光聯員工福利Communication: Quarterly labor-management meetings and safety and health committees, a general manager's mailbox, and general manager forums.
  • 光聯員工福利Others: Commendation for outstanding employees, selection of model workers, commendation for employees with excellent performance, and consumer discounts provided by designated stores.
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