• Marine Electronics

    Marine Electronics

    Given the critical conditions like sunlight, high temperature and salty mist, weatherable design is must for marine displays. For visibility under strong light, high brightness, low reflection treatment and OCA bonding are suggested; for smooth touch performance, URT provides the waterproof design and salty water optimization.

  • Free Form

    Free Form

    Rectangle outline may not be applicable to some designs, either due to mechanical limitation or style consideration. Freeform LCD can be done by URT's cutting machine, such as parallelogram, circle, arc, etc.

  • Industrial Automation

    Industrial Automation

    There're various applications and demands for industrial displays, however, the need for reliability is the same. URT is especially experienced in industrial solutions, providing customers all kinds of designs like waterproof, weatherability, anti-EMI, anti-shatter, glove touch, etc.

  • Public Large Sized Displays

    Public Large Sized Displays

    This kind of displays is usually installed outside, crowded places, you may need high brightness, anti-bacteria and impact resistance. Therefore, brightness improvement, anti-bacterial cover lens, thicken and tempered glass, and anti-shattering film (for safety) are main points when making designs.

  • Intelligent Appliance

    Intelligent Appliance

    The essential requirement is aesthetics, exquisiteness, reliability and ingress protection. URT is well capable of offering high resolution displays, waterproof touch sensors and cover lens of all variety. So your vivid imagination can be built into real life with us.

  • Automotive Displays

    Automotive Displays

    It is required to meet ultra-high brightness and rigorous standards of reliability. URT is certificated and has years of experience to provide automotive display solutions, such as motorbikes, vehicles, cultivators, armored vehicles, all sorts of automotives.

  • Medical Grade Displays

    Medical Grade Displays

    The clarity, high contrast, wide viewing angles, anti-bacteria and are the requisites of medical products. URT has been dedicated to the development of medical displays, from monochrome glucosemeters to colorful operational instruments, such as heart diagnostic meters, hospital bed meters, infusion pump meters, volumetric pipettes, operating room lighting control meters, respirator meters, handheld bacteria detectors, etc.