The Organization of URT


(1)President Office:
  In charge of all issues that are made from the board of directors.
(2)Auditor Office:
  A.Evaluating and ensuring all company assets are properly used.
B.Ensuring all financial data and practiced information are reliable and intact.
C.Ensuring all resources are efficiently used.
D.Ensuring internal control is properly operating and proposal for modification.
(3)Finance Division (Finance and Accounting):
  A.Financial report:Arranging, analyzing, follow-ups and auditing.
B.To frame the fund application and dispatch plan in short-term, mid-term, and long-term.

(4)Administrative Division (Administration, Procurement and HR ):

  A.Purchasing materials and components that meets quality standardization.
B.To control the production and shipping schedule base on the orders.
C.Management of material, finished good and stocking.
D.Administrative related:wage adjustment and promotion management.

(5)Manufacturing & Technical Division (Production, Technical, Construction, Design,Touch Panel, Facility & Maintenance )

  A. Following proposal from the operating goal assigned by executive.
  B. To produce the products that meet customer's satisfaction on time by following the manufacturing specification and standardization processes.
  C. To design and reform manufacturing processes.
  D. To evaluate, design, and make new products' specifications.
  E.To maintain, preserve, and scheme all production machines and factory facilities.
F.Touch panel manufacturing.

(6)Sales & Marketing Division:

  Expanding customers and enlarging sales territory to carve profit to keep the company growing as the sales target the executive set.
(7)R&D Division:
  In charge of framing and implementing research & development.
(8)Quality Control Division:
  Ensuring company's quality improvement and guarantee base on the quality assurance policy and quality objective.
  In charge of Information System Planning and Information System Systematized.
(10)Legal Affairs dept:
Contract review and approval, intellectual property rights application & maintenance, legal dispute handling, legal affairs consulting
(11)Environment Security dept:
Labor sanitation and security training, auditing and management.