Product Name: 22-inch Add on Capacitive Touch Panel
22-inch Add on Capacitive Touch Panel    
Touch panel has become an indispensable product for terminal input. Especially, it is replacing physical buttons for mobile devices, such as smart phones and tablet PCs.


Have you ever imagined your desktop computer monitor equipped with touch function?

We believe our “22 inch Add on Capacitive Touch Panel” will bring you a whole new 

“ touching” experience.

1.  Capacitive Touch Panel : 10 points multi-touch

2.  Compatible with Windows Vista, Windows 7, and Windows 8. Plug and play.

     Driver installation is not necessary.

3.  Weight: 900g

4.  Product dimension: 525 (L) X 350 (W) X 12 (T) mm

5.  Viewing area: 484.6 (L) X 276.2 (W) mm   

6.  Action area: 477.6 (L) X 269.2 (W) mm

7. Operating temperature: -10 ~ +50