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Omni VA LCD! 2019-05-10

✵Monochrome displays: cost advantage
Among monochrome displays, TN LCDs and STN LCDs are the most commonly seen for their mature manufacturing process and competitive material cost.
Nevertheless, when it comes to negative mode, neither TN LCDs nor STN LCDs are considered good enough display quality due to the low display contrast range.

✵Ultra black: VA LCD
VA LCDs are aiming to give a big jump in the negative display mode, featuring an ultra black as well as uniform off-state light blocking.
But it has its own flaw, a blind spot happens in a certain viewing angle due to the declination of liquid crystal molecules in the cell.

✷URT’s exclusive: Omni View
With material and process optimization, URT is glad to offer all-viewing VA LCDs that have eliminated the particular blind spot and achieve the passive negative displays of their best quality!

Download the File2019 Q2:URT Newsletter_Omni View VA LCD

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