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1. The structure of the company

U.R.T. spokesperson is in charge of dealing suggestions and solving quarrels among shareholders.

U.R.T. has established the financial system in monitoring branch offices, applying appropriate risk management and build up risk prevention.

 Information on the relationship between the top 10 shareholders and the related parties or their relatives, such as their spouses or parents.


2. Board of directors

(1) The company's board of directors consists of nine directors.

(2) Duties of the Board of Directors The duties of the Board of Directors shall be performed in accordance with the Articles of Association and the Company Law.


3. Supervisors (the audit committee has been established since May 29, 1991)

(1) The company's supervisor is composed of two persons. The communication between the supervisor and the company's employees and shareholders: The company's spokesperson is responsible for assisting the company's employees, shareholders and stakeholders to communicate with the supervisor.

(2) Communication between the supervisor and the internal audit supervisor and accountant: The supervisor regularly visited the internal audit supervisor to understand the company's financial and business conditions and track the results. Its duties are performed in accordance with the provisions of the Company Law.

Summary of previous communications between independent directors, supervisors and the head of internal audit:


4. Information Publicly

Our website has linked to Market Observation Post System for disclosing all financial related information.

U.R.T. has followed the laws to disclose and collect all financial information on appointed websites to announce news that will possibly affect shareholders decision-making.


5. The processing situation of U.R.T. Audit Committee

    (1) In accordance with Article 2 of the Organizational Rules of the Salary and Remuneration Committee, the

        The number of persons shall not be less than three, who shall be appointed by the resolution of the board of directors.

        The powers of the salary committee are as follows:

        1. Formulate and regularly review the policies, systems, and standards for performance evaluation and remuneration of directors and managers          Standard and structure.

        2. Regularly evaluate and determine the remuneration of directors and managers.

        The remuneration committee is convened at least twice a year, with regard to the members of the committee, the meeting

        For the attendance rate of members, please refer to the Public Information Observatory or the company's annual reports.

    (2) In accordance with Article 4 of the Organizational Rules of the Audit Committee, the members of the company’s committee shall consist of all independent directors

        The number of members shall not be less than three.

        The powers of the audit committee are as follows:

        1. Formulate or revise the internal control system in accordance with Article 14-1 of the Securities and Exchange Law.

        2. Evaluation of the effectiveness of the internal control system.

        3. According to the provisions of Article 36 of the Securities and Exchange Law, it is stipulated or revised to acquire or dispose of assets and engage in derivatives

         Significant financial services such as sex commodity transactions, capital loans to others, endorsements or guarantees for others

         The processing procedure of the behavior.

        4. Matters involving the director's own interests.

        5. Major asset or derivative commodity transactions.

        6. Major capital loans, endorsements or guarantees.

        7. Raising, issuing or private placement of equity securities.

        8. Appointment, dismissal or remuneration of certified accountants.

        9. Appointment and removal of financial, accounting or internal audit supervisors.

        10. Annual financial report and semi-annual financial report.

        11. Other major matters specified by the company or the competent authority.

        The Audit Committee shall be convened at least once a quarter, regarding the members of the committee, the meeting

        For the attendance rate of members, please refer to the Public Information Observatory or the company's annual reports.

6. Social Responsibility

The company's performance in environmental protection, community participation, social contribution, social services, social welfare, consumer rights, human rights, safety and health and other activities.
(1) Environmental protection:
1. Strengthen the purification of waste and sewage to facilitate the reuse of water resources.
2. Strengthen waste management and reduce waste, do a good job in waste classification and advocate office paperless activities.
3. Actively develop and use green raw materials to continuously reduce the impact and impact of products on the environment, and ultimately achieve harmony with nature and produce earth-friendly products.
4. Encourage employees to participate in the environmental protection new life movement and develop environmental protection habits. The environmental protection movement starts with people's hearts. Purification in the heart is the greatest environmental protection.
(2) Community participation: Encourage employees to actively participate in social education volunteer activities and book clubs in Tanzi Export Processing Zone.
(3) Social contribution:
1. Improve the research and development of LCD product efficiency and reduce the waste of resources.
2. Actively contribute to corporate social responsibility. Participated in the activities of the Taichung Private Huiming School.
(4) Social services and social welfare:
1. Actively participate in public welfare activities of Tong Cihui in the Export Processing Zone.
2. Continue to promote the ISO-14001 environmental management system to control the environmental and hazard risks of neighbors.
(5) Consumer rights and human rights: maintain good labor relations with employees and provide the following benefits
1. Handle employee health insurance, labor insurance, medical insurance and accident insurance.
2. Establish an employee welfare committee.
3. Complete training and training measures.
4. A complete retirement system.
5. In 2011 and 2008, he was awarded the Ministry of Economic Affairs's Excellent Institution of Labor Relations twice; in March 2007, he was awarded the Friendly Workplace Certification by the Ministry of Economic Affairs.
6. Committed to reducing harmful substances in products to ensure consumer safety. .


7. Others

 (1) Fulfillment of integrity management:
The company takes "Innovation, Speed, Commitment" as the company's business philosophy, and is based on an honest business attitude, and follows the laws and regulations to implement the honest business policy to achieve sustainable development. The board of directors and management actively implement the business philosophy of honesty no matter in internal management or external business activities. The company has instructed the audit and legal affairs unit to implement the legality of business activities, supervision mechanism and control various risk management.

   The company held the eleventh session of the sixth board of directors on November 5, 1991 (Thursday),
Report on the specific measures for implementing the integrity management policy and the plan for preventing dishonest behavior in 109:
  (1) The company’s education and training on integrity management: 568 person-times and 284 hours in total.
  (2) Since 109, there has been no report of violation of supplier management.
  (3) Since the year 109, there has been no report of violation of integrity management by employees


  (2) The company has formulated the following relevant regulations and measures in accordance with the "Code of Practice for Corporate Governance for Listed Companies":
(1) Measures for handling important internal information (2) Measures for the board meeting (3) Measures for the election of directors and supervisors (4) Measures for the management of acquisition or disposal of assets (5) Measures for the management of endorsement guarantees (6) Measures for the management of operating procedures for fund loans to others (7) Management Measures for Subsidiary Monitoring Operations (8) Code of Ethics and Conduct (9) Integrity Operation Procedures and Behavior Guidelines; query method: the company’s website, ​​revealing the company’s financial business and Corporate governance information.


8. Important company internal regulations: