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Greenhouse Gas & CO2
    Greenhouse Gas and CO2 emission 
 Greenhouse Gas (GHG) in an atmosphere that absorbs and emits radiation within the thermal infrared range. 
 Human activities have increased the concentration of CO2 from 320 ppm in 1960 to 4000 ppm  , also
 with CH4 and others gas, to cause the temperature raised in earth.

 URT have Greenhouse Gas Policy to work out for reduction of the emission of Greenhouse gas.

           Greenhouse Gas Policy 
         Use energy and resource efficiently and reduce the emission of CO2
         Control and limit the emission of HFCs and PFCs

         Continuous improve for reduction of all Greenhouse gas

1. URT Greenhouse gas inventory and impact 
     (1) URT have no directly emission of greenhouse gas, but CO2 have been generated indirectly because
           our production process and clean room used a lot of water and power .
           We have considered that the water and power usage will be a risky for our business cost and may shortage.
     (2). Water and power resource didn't cause problem of our production currently . 
           But if we can use them efficiently , it will also enhance the competitive by cost reduction.
     (3). URT have monitored related issues all the way , we have changed from CFC process to 
            non-CFC process in 1995 , and changed wet clean process to dry spray process . 
            We have focused on the water and power usage saving recent years and have tremendous result.
     (4). By saving water and power usage and use them efficiently , we have calculated the CO2 indirectly emission : 
           From year 2009 
              - Output Q'ty : Increased
              - CO2 emission  : Reduced 
              - CO2 emission per unit Output :  Improved 
               Detail data : All data were collected and calculated by water and power used
                                   Water usage data :   TAIWAN WATER CORPORATION
                                   Power usage data : TAIWAN POWER COMPANY
               Calculation including all factory of URT 
                                    1st factory : LCD Module                       ( No.12, Chien-Huo Rd. T.E.P.Z. Tantzu, Taichung, Taiwan)
                                    2nd factory : LCD Module & Touch Panel(No.12-3,South 2nd Rd, T.E.P.Z. Tantzu, Taichung, Taiwan)
                                    3rd factory : LCD Panel                          ( No. 2,   Fushing Rd, T.E.P.Z. Tantzu, Taichung, Taiwan)
                                    4rd factory : LCD Panel                          ( No. 1,   East 2nd Rd, T.E.P.Z. Tantzu, Taichung, Taiwan)





2. Greenhouse gas management and goal 
 (1). By ISO 14001 management system, URT check all environment impacts and take action for
        energy saving and pollution reduction projects . 
 (2). URT committed to Continuous improve related environment and greenhouse gas issues. 
        CO2 emission per Output :  goal  <  2.0 Kg/Per Output
   (3). URT check all process and companywide activities , looking for possible water and power saving chances ,
         use automatic control equipment , modify, change and re-layout pipes for water and power saving , every
        factory have it's own saving project under monitor and report to top management
   (4). Customer also have more focus on environment issues in the recent years. 
         Everything we did, not only help to reach customer satisfaction but also help our own earth.  
         When customer use URT's product , they are also doing help for earth with URT .