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Environmental Concerned Substance(RoHS, REACH, others)
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   Environment Concerned Substance Management  (RoHS, REACH , Others )
   URT always focus on international care hazardous substance or material , monitoring and following the trend ,
   and we promise our customer that we manage and control from material to finish product which fulfill international regulation , 
   such like RoHS, REACH, WEEE,  and also follow customer specified requirements . 
1.  RoHS , REACH 
   (1). Design :  From the beginning of a product design , we manage and control the material to fulfill the requirement from supplier .
   (2). Purchasing :  Clear requirements of RoHS, REACH which description on the purchasing  agreement, contract and order with supplier 
   (3). Material receiving :  Confirm the material to meet the RoHS, REACH requirements when material are receiving by URT. 



2.  Control all qualified material with computer database , only qualified material can be purchased and produced.




3.  For materials which can be used but have been monitored , URT encourage our supplier to change those material  in advance .
    Such like halogens-free ,  and not use of PFOS, PFOA, PAHs , HFC. 
    Most of our material already changed to halogens-free material , such like FPC, electronic component . 
 4.  Control of  :  RoHS , REACH and other environment concerned substance.