CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility)
Rice Contract Farming in Hualien
Labor & Code of Ethics
Environmental & Occupation Safety and Health
Supplier CSR Management
Environmental Concerned Substance(RoHS, REACH, others)
Conflict Minerals
Greenhouse Gas & CO2


   Encourage suppliers to approach CSR 
Developing  and searching for suppliers partner who have same concept for environment and CSR , 
to work with those suppliers together to grow and have contribution to our environment ,social and earth.




1. Declare URT's  environmental concept to suppliers. 
    Declare URT's environmental policy to all suppliers , wish to have advantages to environment together with suppliers .






2.  Announce URT's Green Procurement policy , and encourage suppliers to declare for environment protection .



3. Supplier developing and selection program
  Supplier developing and selection program include evaluation of supplier environment and CSR progress. 
  ISO14001, OHSAS18001, RoHS, ISO9001, TS16949, CSR check list 



4. Signed Integrity agreement with suppliers , to ask and promise that URT won't allowed any bribe or dis-integrity behavior.  
     To show our policy and determination to supplier by signing agreement.      



5. Signed Non-disclosure agreement with suppliers
    To protect our business confidential and  customer property , and also for intellectual property rights ,
     such like drawing , samples, patent …etc. 



6. Mast Purchase Agreement
   To define detail environment and CSR requirements for suppliers
     - ISO 14001 , OHSAS 18001 ( Environment and Occupation safety Health system )
     - RoHS, REACH  . 
     - Environment concerned substance , such like  halogens , PFOS, PFOA, CFC .
     - CSR :  EICC,  SA8000
     - Non-use of Conflict Minerals