U.R.T. welfare system is completed. To make employees work safely and create the goal of a sound welfare environment. We believe that welfare system help employees increase productivity and reduce staff turnover.

Food: Employee food and restaurants

Cloth: Group uniform

Living: Dormitory for foreigner and nationals

Transportation: parking spaces for employees , car parking space allocated for the supervisory staff.

Education: Pre-employment training, internal and external education training, executive-level management capability training, staff library

Entertainment: Regularly hold activities of BBQ, riding bicycles,gathering.and other recreational activities. Domestic and international traveling per year.

Cash gift: lunar new year, labor’s day, dragon festival, mid-autumn cash gift, birthday cash gift.

Bonus: performance bonuses, and the Mid-Autumn Festival bonus, year end bonus, excellent proposals bonus, 6S contest prize, and patent invention prize.
Subsidy: Childbirth, injury, hospitalization, weddings, funerals, travel subsidies, full education and training grants.

 Vacation: Special holiday, period holiday, maternity leave holiday, family holiday, ethics holiday

Health: .Set up the pregnant women pumping room, employee fitness center, free health examination.
Development: Through Personnel Review Committee promotes outstanding employees.
Communication: Holding labor-management meetings and Safety and Health Committee quarterly. Establishing general manager mailbox and hold general manager forum.
Others: Outstanding employee recognition, model worker
selection, yiel improve reward,employee recognition of good performance.