About U.R.T.
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The Organization of U.R.T.
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The visions of U.R.T. can best be defined and also described the very nature of our company:




It represents our ability to create new technology designs and develops new technologies for use in the market.


It refers to the time required for providing information, drawings, samples, and production on time as well as service and response time towards customers.



It is our ultimate vision.

It refers to our power to fulfill desires for everyone in the chain from suppliers to customers.

We create a better working environment for the whole industry.

We deliver in our commitment to our shareholders. 


U.R.T. believes that customer satisfaction is achieved based on achieving high level of proficiency in essentially three critical areas:  



Quality products


On time delivery


Communication, service, and interface with the outside world.


With the ultimate goal, U.R.T. is to be the leader in the small size flat panel display industry as well as these important issues will allow us to achieve our corporate mission.