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United Radiant Technology Corporation (U.R.T.) was established in 1990 to provide the highest level of customer satisfaction by:


Manufacturing the best possible products at the highest level of quality and the best possible cost.

Being offered outstanding sales and service by being presented on time delivery and communicating all relevant issues.


U.R.T. delivers the liquid crystal display technologies that enable professional LCD panel and module, including TN, WTN, STN, WSTN, FSTN, WFSTN, TFT.


In order to serve our global customers, U.R.T. factories were located in T.E.P.Z. in Taichung, Taiwan. U.R.T.  and U.R.T. ApS Europe Support Center is in Denmark.  We have more than 20 distributors worldwide with total amount of more than 700 employees.

In this highly competitive market, U.R.T. is committed to continuous efforts in Research and Development with the goal of developing new technologies and effective and efficient manufacturing techniques. U.R.T. is continuously benchmarking against our competitors and executing strategic plans in order to stay at the top of our industry.